Memorial Plaque of Frederick Philipse III

Sacred to the memory of
Frederick Philipse, Esquire, late of the
Province of New York; a Gentleman, in whom
the various social, domestic and religious
Virtues were eminently united. The uniform
Rectitude of his Conduct commanded the
Esteem of others; whilst the Benevolence of his
Heart, and gentleness of his Manners secured
their love. Firmly attached to his Sovereign
and the British Constitution, he opposed, at
the Hazard of his Life, the late Rebellion in
North America; and for this faithful Discharge
Of his Duty to his King and Country, he was
Proscribed, and his Estate, one of the largest in
New york, was Confiscated, by the Usurped Legislature
of the Province. When the British Troops were
withdrawn from New york in 1783, he quitted
a Province to which he had always been an
Ornament and Benefactor, and came to
England, leaving all his Property behind him
which Reverse of Fortune he bore with
that Calmness, Fortitude and Diginity
which had distinguished him through
every former Stage of Life.
He was born at New York the 12th: Day of September,
in the Year 1720; and died in this Place the 30th:
Day of April, in the Year 1785, aged 65 years.


K Aamin said...

Great memory of "Memorial Plaque of Frederick Philipse III" Thank you for sharing with us.

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