2 - South Stair Hall

2 - South Stair Hall

Part of the house’s original construction (c. 1682), this section of the house was the main entrance of the building until the North wing was added sometime in the mid-18th century. This area was renovated by Frederick Philipse II sometime between the 1720s and 1740s when he expanded the original structure to serve as a country home. The staircase is in the English Georgian style of that period.

A- Dutch Door

The Dutch door, divided in the middle, shows the Dutch heritage of the Philipse family and the continuing Dutch influence in the Hudson Valley. The hardware of the door includes four wrought iron strap hinges, a wrought iron spring latch, two wrought iron throw bolts, and a cast iron lock box with brass knob.

B- Wall Studs
While completing stabilization work on the southern portion of the Manor Hall, original plaster and lathe construction was found. The standout aspect of the construction was the studs made of red cedar saplings.

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