3 - East Parlor

3 - East Parlor

One of the most ornate rooms in the Manor Hall, this room was constructed between the 1720s and 1740s, under the ownership of Frederick Philipse II, and was renovated in the latest style in the 1750s by Frederick Philipse III. For the Philipse family, it is likely that this room served as a formal parlor for receiving guests. Other uses of the room include: the Village of Yonkers Clerks' Office, Yonkers City Hall City Clerks' Office, and Yonkers City Hall City Engineer's Office.

A- Rococo Ceiling

The ceiling, designed to look like a carved plaster ceiling, is made of papier-mâché and was installed during the occupancy of Frederick Philipse III.

Most of the pre-molded papier-mâché details are Rococo ornaments such as floral borders and wreaths, tropical birds, and classical figures representing music and love.

The ceiling is rare not only for its age, but also because of two bas relief figures (believed to be Alexander Pope and Sir Isaac Newton, respectively) set into cartouches on opposite sides of the ceiling.

B - Wallpapers

When removing woodwork in this room to complete paint analysis, researchers found two previously unknown wallpaper styles. Both patterns,which date to the late Victorian era, give us a clue to the decorative style of the offices located here when the Manor was owned by the Village/City of Yonkers.


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